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Vocal Instruction
Dede Wyland

Voice Lessons

(Dede has earned) “a sparkling reputation as a knowledgeable and patient voice teacher.” Bluegrass Unlimited, January, 2001.

Private voice lessons: Bluegrass, Country, Folk or the style of your choice. We will work with the basics such as breath support, range expansion as well as development of tone, resonance, projection and personal expression. We will focus on your particular vocal needs or questions (including finding and singing harmony parts). We'll work hard in a supportive environment, get results - and have some fun while we're at it!

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching is more of a refining process for groups and individuals. Whether you are a novice or an experienced musician/performer, coaching will fortify your strengths and “tie up loose ends.” During a session we will focus on dynamics, phrasing, timing, over all presentation, vocal blend (duos or groups) or any one or combination of these elements with the goal of bringing out the very best in you or your group.

If you're thinking of making a recording, vocal coaching can be invaluable both prior to and in the studio.

Vocal Workshops (hour, several hours or week-long)

Through example and practice we'll learn how the voice works and how to get the most out of it. We'll learn songs, talk about and experiment with different styles within Bluegrass (or folk), address the process of finding our own unique style, learn how to find and sing harmony parts and more.

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